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The Tampa Bay Business Journal reports that Publix Super Markets has begun looking for a crisis management / public relations agency to help it prepare for dealing with the kind of data breach that has affected companies like Albertsons, Home Depot and Target.

Even though, as the story makes clear, Public hasn't had any such problem. Yet.

“It simply is just a proactive approach,” spokesman Dwaine Stevens said Tuesday. “There’s nothing looming, not any issues out there.”
KC's View:
I completely approve of the idea of being proactive about this, but I might argue a bit with the language … because if you;re reading the newspapers, you know that indeed there is something looming out there.

One other note. I'm sure, knowing Publix, that management there isn't just focusing on the PR aspect of this problem. They've also got to be investing in systems and procedures that will make Publix's customer data as safe as possible. It isn't just appearances that matter.