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In the digital age, "open 24 hours" apparently has real meaning.

The Washington Post reports that a new Google/Ipsos study shows that "one-third of all shopping searches take place between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m."

In addition, the Post reports, "Twenty-six percent of shoppers said they would start their holiday shopping research before Halloween. More than 50 percent said they’d begin before Thanksgiving."

Furthermore, "Many retailers have been investing heavily this year in what's knows as an 'omnichannel' strategy, which focuses on offering customers an integrated digital and in-store shopping experience.  The Google/Ipsos study offers some evidence that this may be a worthwhile investment: A large share of shoppers — 75 percent — say they’ll be using their smartphones during their shopping excursions to brick-and-mortar stores."

Which all just goes to show … the effective retailer in 2014 and beyond has to be where the customer wants it, when the customer wants it, how the customer wants it, selling the right products at prices that seem appropriate.

The word "omnichannel" may scare people.

How about just being "relevant"?
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