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Reuters reports that Wade Miquelon, the CFO at Walgreen until he stepped down last August, is suing his former employer, "alleging company executives defamed him in news reports that blamed him for errors in its earnings forecast."

According to the story, Miquelon's allegations relate to a story in the Wall Street Journal saying that "Miquelon and another top executive lost their jobs after a $1 billion forecasting error in Walgreen's Medicare-related business.. A series of articles followed in the newspaper that said Miquelon 'bungled' the company's EBIT forecast for fiscal year 2016."

The suit says that Miquelon resigned of his own accord, not under pressure.

Willamette Week reports that "the battle over labeling genetically modified foods is less than $500,000 from becoming the most expensive ballot measure fight in Oregon history.

"A $2.5 million contribution from Monsanto Company to the 'no' campaign on Measure 92, reported earlier today, brings to total donations in the fight to $15.4 million - nearly two-thirds of it coming from food giants who oppose GMO labeling. "

The story notes that not all the contributions are in cash. For example, "Ben & Jerry's changed the name of an ice cream flavor to “Food Fight Fudge Brownie” in support of Measure 92," and also has contributed T-shirts, posters and fliers, while "Whole Foods has given $32,939 of in-kind contributions, including its grocery bags."
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