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Reuters reports that Staples is saying that it is investigating "a possible breach of payment card data and has contacted law enforcement about the matter."

According to the story, "The office-supply retailer disclosed the investigation after security reporter Brian Krebs reported on his blog that several banks have identified a pattern of payment card fraud suggesting that several Staples stores in northeastern United States had succumbed to a data breach."

The report follows data breaches affecting millions of households at Target, Home Depot, Michaels, Neiman Marcus, and Sears, among others.
KC's View:
It is worth noting that there is a new study out suggesting that 45 percent of credit and debit card holders plan to avoid retailers that have been hacked. Which simply ramps up the pressure on retailers - and banks - to reassure consumers that they are protected … and then to actually make moves that will protect them.

I've found lately that I never slide my debit card through a terminal without thinking twice. It hasn't affected my behavior to any great extent yet, but I feel it like a shadow hanging over every transaction. I don't think I am alone.