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by Kevin Coupe

It has been almost two weeks since Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella managed to hurt his own image - and that of his company - when he said that women should not ask for raises when they think they deserve them, but rather should trust the system to reward them appropriately. And he made the comments at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference, no less.

Nadella said at the time that it was "good karma" for women not to ask for a raise.

While Nadella said some hours later that he'd been inarticulate in his comments, the San Francisco Chronicle reports this morning that he was still apologizing yesterday when attending a conference about cloud computing.

“I was wrong in the way that I answered that question,” Nadella said, adding that while men and women at Microsoft get paid equally, he wants to continue to work on the issue of "equal opportunity for equal work.”

In a related story - though one that Nadella probably would prefer not be related - the Associated Press reports that Nadella's current pay package is worth $84.3 million. Most of that is in long-term stock awards, with $918,917 in straight salary and a $3.6 million bonus. Microsoft also says that Nadella received a $13.5 million one-time retention bonus for staying with the company before he was named the third CEO in Microsoft's history.

Which certainly suggests that Nadella has karma working for him…
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