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• The Columbus Dispatch reports that the mayor there, Michael B. Coleman, "is considering measures to reduce the use of plastic grocery bags in the city. That could mean charging fees, providing incentives for using reusable bags or enacting an outright ban … When asked about plastic-bag fees or bans in the past, Coleman said he preferred to recycle them. But recycling efforts have fallen short, Williamson said. For example, not enough consumers are returning plastic bags to grocery stores for recycling.

The story says that "Williamson said city officials will talk with the business community to get feedback and is asking residents to take an online survey to help officials determine priorities for a five-year sustainability plan. As part of the survey, residents are asked to select the top three of six suggestions to reduce litter. Among them: 'Incentivize reusable grocery bags and consider a surcharge or tax on plastic bags'."

• The Wall Street Journal reports that as the holiday season approaches, "retailers are bombarding customers’ inboxes and Twitter feeds with help-wanted ads in addition to the usual gift ideas and free-shipping offers. To augment traditional hiring methods, which are failing to produce enough job candidates, retail chains are recruiting via channels usually reserved for promoting products."

The story goes on to note that "the unemployment rate fell to 5.9% in September, the lowest reading since 2008. Holiday hires last year surpassed their prerecession peak and the National Retail Federation expects companies will match or exceed that level this year. But while the demand for retail workers is exceeding prerecession levels, the scramble for seasonal hires hasn’t led to more pay. In September, non-supervisor retail wages increased 2.1% from a year earlier, roughly in line with inflation."
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