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The Wall Street Journal reports that the Postal Regulatory Commission has given the US Postal Service (USPS) to go-ahead for a two-year test that will have it delivering groceries to homes in the San Francisco market. The commission said, however, that if the USPS wanted to expand the test to other markets - such as Phoenix, Las Vegas and Portland, which it reportedly is considering - it will need to give advanced notice.

The story notes that "the Postal Service has already been conducting a grocery delivery trial with Inc. in San Francisco, where it is delivering groceries packed into totes early in the morning. While that program was scheduled to end in mid-October, it was extended until the Postal Regulatory Commission reached Thursday’s decision.

"The USPS previously said it would seek to deliver groceries for additional retailers during the test."

The test reflects the latest move by the USPS to expand its capabilities and reduce its considerable financial shortfall.
KC's View:
It has long been the opinion here that the best way for the USPS to make itself relevant is to expand its products and services, not reduce them … so on that level, I think this is a good idea.

Now, that's not to say that I don't have some misgivings about the USPS delivering groceries. The guy who delivers my mail seems incapable some days of closing the mailbox during as rainstorm, so I'm not very confident in his ability to deliver food.

But hopefully they'll address such problems and turn the post office into a 21st century business.