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Ad Week reports that Whole Foods "has loaded up its new flagship store in Alpharetta, Ga., with digital experiences that show shoppers where their food comes from … The most eye-catching activation is in the store's café. A digital screen on a wall runs an Instagram feed showing produce still growing in the fields of six local farms that supply the store. Elsewhere in the store, a digital mirror encourages shoppers to strike three different poses, which trigger images of recommended health products like vitamins and protein shakes.

"Finally, touchscreens are built into display crates in the specialty section where beer, cheese and wine are sold."

The company says that the goal is not to make Whole Foods look like the Apple Store, but rather build on its efforts to differentiate itself by educating people more extensively about the food they're buying.
KC's View:
It's rule number 18. Be a resource for information, not just a source of product.

(Expect this to be just one in a series of self-referential comments that serve as not-so-subtle plus of my new book, "Retail Rules!," available now on