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Time reports that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said yesterday that the company will "begin a food and beverage delivery service late next year … The deliveries will be available to the chain’s loyalty program customers in a few specific markets at first, and will be integrated into a new Starbucks mobile app set to debut in Portland, Ore., next month before expanding to the rest of the country. The app will also allow users to order and pay with their phones."

Schultz made the announcement as he discussed fiscal fourth quarter sales that went up, but that did not meet Wall Street expectations.

"We are playing offense," CEO Howard Schultz said, discussing what the Associated Press calls "the various steps the company is taking to adapt to changing customer habits, including their move toward online shopping and away from brick-and-mortar stores."
KC's View:
So, I guess that if Starbucks can't get you to go to the third place, it'll now be happy to bring you coffee in your first and/or second place.

Starbucks is "all in" on this concept. Remember, Schultz has redefined his job as being almost entirely focused on digital. And this is all about digital connections.