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Amazon late last week released a diversity report saying that its global work force is 63 percent male and 37 percent female, and that its managers are 75 percent male and 25 percent female.

According to the New York Times story, "In the United States, Amazon’s work force is 60 percent white, 15 percent black, 13 percent Asian and 9 percent Hispanic. Its managers are 75 percent white and 18 percent Asian. Black, Hispanic and 'other' more or less equally split the rest."

The Times goes on to report that "diversity at tech companies has been a public issue for some time. The questions have accelerated since March, when the Rainbow PUSH Coalition challenged the companies to reveal their racial and gender data. By the end of the summer, many did so. But Amazon never likes revealing data about anything to do with Amazon, and so it took some special urging by the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., the coalition’s founder and president.

"Rainbow PUSH said Amazon’s numbers were not as good as they appeared, and criticized the company for a lack of candor."

You can read the entire report here.
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