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Got the following email from MNB reader Rich Heiland:

I have been following all the back and forth on your site about Amazon and whether it has reached too far, revealed itself to be less of an ideal than many of us might have thought. 

It occurs to me that all the companies that have been pioneering have come under that criticism. Starbucks went outside its brand for many when it started showing up in grocery stores and airports and opening on every corner. It heard the talk and listened. I worked with Apple as a consultant while Steve Jobs was in the wilderness and everyone pronounced it dead. But, Apple responded. 

I think in the end I prefer the mistakes of aggressiveness, maybe even arrogance, over the behaviors of outfits like Radio Shack, of whatever it's called these days, - companies that just sat and prayed the market would somehow come home to them without any effort on their part.

I think trials such as Amazon is facing could be, if responded to wisely, the opportunities to move itself in new and positive directions. Or not. We shall see…..

Amen, brother.

I think that's a really valid point.

Is it better to make missteps while moving forward? Or to stand still, ignoring or becoming paralyzed by the fact that you are being passed?

I'll go with moving forward.
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