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• Yesterday marked the launch of Thrive Market, an online membership-driven shopping service that seems to be focused on healthy living and the easy sorting of products according to dietary needs (such as raw, paleo, gluten-free). Thrive currently is carrying 2500 SKUs, and is charging a $59.95 annual membership fee.

The company says that its goals are to carry "only the highest quality healthy and natural products … always at prices 25-50% below retail," and to be "always committed to sustainability and social justice." The social justice component seems important to the broader mission; on the website, the company says that "we believe that purpose in business is every bit as important as profits. For us, that purpose is to make healthy living easy and accessible for every American family. That's why we offer these products at fair prices. It's also why we've committed to donating a free Thrive membership to a low-income family for every paid membership on the site - forever. "
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