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BikiniMarketing has an interesting story about Taylor Swift, and the marketing strategies she and her team have used to generate sales for her new album, "1989," which is expected to have sold more than a million copies in the US alone during its first week. ("Sold" is the operative word here, since yesterday it was announced that her entire catalog, including the new album, has been pulled off Spotify, the free music streaming service.)

The story makes the point that Swift's team has been extraordinary at creating media coverage, employing social media, building alliances (like with Subway and Coca-Cola), and showing appreciation to her customers - all in the service of promoting the album's content, which has generally gotten good reviews.

There are, the story suggests, numerous marketing lessons that can be found in the Taylor Swift strategy - and you can read them here.
KC's View:
There were a number of MNB readers who turned me on to this story, which is a good thing, because I'm not normally a reader of BikiniMarketing. Just goes to show you how important it is sometimes to get outside your comfort zone.

As for Taylor Swift … I remain enormously impressed. As I have been since I took my daughter to one of her concerts at Madison Square Garden, which was fantastic - though I have to admit that I was one of maybe 12 guys in the audience, and quite possibly the oldest person in attendance.