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BostInno reports that in addition to opening its third Massachusetts store last week - a unit in Burlington - Wegmans also has "added its own grocery shopping app to the Apple and Android stores as well … The app lets you build a shopping list by searching for items, scanning the bar codes of items you still have at home or browsing the virtual aisles programmed on the service, which correspond to the layout of whichever location you choose. Wegmans' original recipes are stored in the app, so you can add complete recipe ingredients to your list; users can also share their list with family members to make sure everything they need is there. Other features include an estimated bill total for budgeting, cooking videos, sale items, a Fresh Stories blog, and pharmacy services."

The story also says that "the Wegmans app, unlike local grocery apps and services like Peapod and Instacart that deliver from a variety of nearby stores, doesn't deliver food to shoppers' homes (yet)."
KC's View:
When Wegmans makes the commitment to online shopping - as it seems to me it inevitably will - it will be interesting to see how it translates the Wegmans in-store experience to a virtual world. This is an interesting first step … and you should download it to your smartphone, just to see what Wegmans is up to.