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• The Consumerist reports that the US Postal Service (USPS), emboldened by the success of its Sunday delivery program for Amazon, which has "delighted" shoppers and generated much-needed revenue, plans to expand the service and make it available to other retailers.

ReCode reports that "for the first time since launching its Prime membership program in 2005, Amazon is extending some of the club’s perks to its members as they shop on other big shopping sites around the Web … Amazon announced its first such deal Tuesday with the mid-size British fashion retailer AllSaints, which has started offering Amazon Prime members free, next-day shipping on purchases they make on … The move underscores the growing importance inside Amazon of the Prime program, the $99 annual membership that gives members two-day shipping on a wide range of products and access to a large library of TV shows, movies and songs that can be streamed online. And it’s clear why: Prime members spend double the amount that non-Prime members do on Amazon in a year, according to research studies conducted by various industry analysts.

"As a result, Amazon is looking to add more perks to the program to attract more members…"
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