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The New York Times reports that the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is reversing policy and "will allow Chinese poultry processing companies to ship fully cooked, frozen and refrigerated chicken to the United States.

The move has been criticized by some food safety activists, who say that China's questionable record in this area makes it dangerous to accept their products.

"China’s food safety system is a wreck,” Food & Water Watch said in a statement, adding, “There have been scores of food safety scandals in China and the most recent ones have involved expired poultry products sold to U.S. fast food restaurants based in China … Now, we have FSIS moving forward to implement this ill-conceived decision, and it has not even audited the Chinese food safety system in over 20 months.”

The Times writes that "China has wanted its chicken to be accepted as a quid pro quo for lifting a ban it imposed on United States beef products in 2003 after a cow in Washington state was found to have mad cow disease."
KC's View:
If the chicken said "imported from China," would you buy it? Because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't …