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The Wall Street Journal reports that Whole Foods CIO Jason Buechel says that the company's new technology initiatives seem to be "showing some payoff," including "its implementation of Instacart and a focus on data analytics."

According to the story, "Now in 15 cities, Whole Foods’ partnership with grocery delivery app Instacart has resulted in digital shopping carts 2.5 times the size of their brick-and-mortar counterparts."

The story goes on to say that "other projects at Whole Foods include a new mobile app, a loyalty program and a new point-of-sale platform. The firm is in the process of bringing data from around the company into a single place so it can easily deliver it across technology platforms. Whole Foods sees a chance to differentiate itself in its ability to integrate accurate and detailed product information across those platforms."

As Whole Foods looks to expand its technology capabilities, it has said that it it plans a 25 percent increase in stores by 2017, growing the current fleet of 401 to more than 500.
KC's View:
I remain a little skeptical about the whole Instacart thing, just because it strikes me as risky to outsource the whole delivery experience. As for loyalty marketing … in some ways, it is amazing to me that Whole Foods has waiting until now - when it is facing more competitive pressure than ever before - to start accumulating and acting on actionable information.