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The Journal Sentinel reports that "competition in southeast Wisconsin's already hypercompetitive grocery market is set to ratchet up another notch next summer when Meijer opens its first grocery/general merchandise supercenters in the region," with plans to eventually expand across the state, which will be the sixth in which it operates.

According to the story, Meijer "plans to open its first Wisconsin stores in Wauwatosa, Oak Creek, Grafton and Kenosha in 2015. Those stores will be followed with locations in Waukesha, Greenfield and Sussex in 2016. The company is also considering a store in Janesville."

"It's a big deal for us. We've been in the five (states) for, what, 20 years now," said Hank Meijer, third-generation family co-owner, co-chairman and CEO of the 213-store chain. "It's been a long time since we've opened up a new frontier for our company."

The story frames the competitive situation this way: "Expect Meijer, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Pick 'n Save to battle fiercely for food dollars in Milwaukee, market watchers say. The presence of local grocers with loyal followings, including Sendik's and Woodman's, makes the situation all the more competitive. Add in ultra-low-price competitors such as Aldi — not to mention the likes of drugstores and home improvement warehouses that sell food — and you have what amounts to one massive food fight brewing."
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