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Bloomberg reports that Sears Holdings is pursuing a strategy in Florida that could hint at the company's long term plans as it seeks some level of profitability and consumer relevance.

According to the story, Sears plans to "convert its location in Aventura, Florida, into an open-air development that includes dining, other retailers and a scaled-down Sears store. The project, called Esplanade at Aventura, also will contain a hotel and offices."

The strategy, Bloomberg writes, "fits with Sears’s strategy of squeezing more value out of its extensive real estate holdings."
KC's View:
Based on Sears' track record for unerring good taste and an instinctive sense of what the American consumer wants and needs, I'm sure that the retailers in the development will include Circuit City and RadioShack, the restaurants will include Bennigan's and the Ground Round, and the hotel will be a Howard Johnson's.