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The Wall Street Journal reports on a new study from Experian Marketing saying that "over 90% of marketers said their holiday marketing campaigns would include the use of email marketing … Inboxes in the U.S. are already experiencing the influx. The volume of holiday email campaigns from multi-channel retailers is up 27% this year, the company said."

Indeed, "Experian Marketing said its ongoing consumer research shows that about 71% of online adults say they are influenced by promotional emails to take some sort of action and about 40% say they’re influenced to make a purchase."

The study says that email will be used this holiday season far more than any other communications tool, including social media, mobile, print, direct mail, radio and television.
KC's View:
It is interesting to note that while 91 percent of marketers say they will use email, only 15 percent say they'll use TV, 17 percent will use radio, and 28 percent will use direct mail and print advertising. The numbers only get better as the vehicle gets more targeted.

The message is simple - broadcasting, however you define it, is making less and less sense in an age when you can and should target customers with relevant messages.