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The Washington Post reports that the family of reggae icon Bob Marley has announced that " it plans to piggyback on successful efforts to legalize marijuana in the United States and elsewhere by introducing a new brand of marijuana products bearing the late singer’s name.
'Marley Natural' is being launched by Privateer Holdings, a cannabis industry investment firm, and products will reach the market in late 2015."

According to the story, "It will offer organically grown heirloom Jamaican marijuana strains, in keeping with Marley’s preference for high-quality marijuana grown without the use of fertilizer. And it will be available in jurisdictions that allow recreational or medicinal marijuana sales. The brand also plans to offer cannabis- and hemp-infused products such as lotions and sun-repair creams. Marley reportedly smoked as much as a pound of marijuana per week. But at the time of his intense fame in the United States and around the world, he was viewed as a nonconformist symbol."

"My dad would be so happy to see people understanding the healing power of the herb,” Cedella Marley, the singer's daughter, said in a prepared statement. “He viewed the herb as something spiritual that could awaken our well-being, deepen our reflection, connect us to nature and liberate our creativity … Marley Natural is an authentic way to honor his legacy by adding his voice to the conversation about cannabis and helping end the social harms caused by prohibition."
KC's View:
Branding genius. Even better than was suggested by the report earlier this year that Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Enterprises was looking to trademark "Coral Reefer" for a possible brand extension.