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WebProNews reports that Uber "has just expanded its grocery delivery service, and given it a shiny new brand name.

"Uber first launched the pilot test of the 'Corner Store' service in Washington D.C. in August delivering a variety of grocery items between 9AM and 9PM. Now, the company has expanded the service and renamed it UberEssentials. The service promises to deliver items to users (who simply pay using their Uber app) in ten minutes or less. That’s pretty fast."

The story goes on:

"If successful, this could pose a real threat to companies like Amazon and Google who are trying to expand into quicker product delivery and grocery delivery itself. eBay just scaled back its own same-day delivery service, but that wasn’t for groceries or everyday items like UberEssentials. That very market along with Uber’s rising popularity as a convenient taxi alternative could mean big things for this particular offering. The fact that what started as a limited 'weeks-long' test is already expanding with a new brand is a pretty good sign."
KC's View:
I'm not entirely convinced that this means that Uber saw great success in its weeks-long test … because I think that sometimes in the technology-driven world, momentum can be mistaken for progress.

That said, I do think the folks at Uber are looking for ways to legitimately extend their brand, and traditional food retailers need to seek this entry for what it is - a harbinger of new competition that is likely to make their lives more complicated.