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In Toronto, the Globe and Mail reports that the Canadian government has decided to approve the $12.5 billion takeover by Burger King of Tim Horton's, but with conditions.

Among those conditions are an agreement to maintain current hiring levels throughout Canada for five years, to not change the financial structure of Canadian franchisee deals for at least five years, and to guarantee that half of Tim Horton's board seats will be held by Canadians.

The story notes that "Burger King has committed to setting up the new merged company’s headquarters in Oakville, Ontario," a decision that has been labeled a tax dodge by US critics.

The Wall Street Journal writes that the deal "is still subject to approval from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and Tim Horton’s shareholders, who are set to vote Tuesday."
KC's View:
Let the debate about "tax inversion" continue. It'll be healthy. I just hope that it addition to being about tax rates, it also looks at what people and companies get for being based in the US. Because that's a legitimate factor in any comprehensive discussion of this issue.