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Advertising Age reports that "Kraft Foods Group is planning a major campaign to back the national rollout of McCafe bagged coffee, which is expected to begin hitting stores next week. The product is being introduced in partnership with McDonald's … In August, the two marketing giants announced their intentions to take the product national. Varieties will include premium roast, breakfast blend, French roast, Colombian, decaf, French vanilla, hazelnut and French roast whole bean. The coffee will also be available in single-serve 'K-Cup' format geared for Keurig machines."

Reuters reports that "US fast-food workers and supporters marched for higher pay in Chicago, Milwaukee and Boston" last week, "as demonstrations advocating for a $15 minimum wage and other labor rights in about 190 cities began around the United States."

Organizers said that the protests "under a banner organization called Fight for 15 and aimed to include home care and airline industries, are the most expansive to date, increasing to about 190 cities from 150 in a similar protest in September. No arrests have so far been reported."
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