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USA Today reports that McDonald's, "responding to declining same-store sales, falling stock prices and a shrinking base of younger customers … plans to vastly expand its 'Create Your Taste' test platform." The 'Create Your Taste' concept, the story says, "lets customers skip the counter and head to tablet-like kiosks where they can customize everything about their burger, from the type of bun to the variety of cheese to the many, gloppy toppings and sauces that can go on it." In addition, as the concept is rolled out, chicken will be added to the build-it-yourself menu.

The story says that a current four-store test will be expanded to 2,000 locations throughout the US next year, and will be available in one out of seven US McDonald's.

The concept is not without risks for McDonald's, which has been built over decades on two basic premises - fast fulfillment and low prices. The new "Create Your Taste" sandwiches take about seven minutes from order to delivery, which can be an eternity in fast food terms, and they cost several dollars more than the pre-prepared sandwiches.

Another problem - the wait means that they cannot be sold at drive-through windows, where, the story says, some McDonald's do as much as 70 percent of their business.
KC's View:
McDonald's has to do something … and maybe this is it. The biggest problem is that young people more and more are making other choices; they see places such as Chipotle and Five Guys and Shake Shack as being far more reflective of their tastes and desires. And getting them to shift back is going to take some serious work.