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The Washington Post reports that a US Government-approved drone test site has opened for business.

"Textron Systems, a government contractor whose unmanned systems division is based in Hunt Valley, Md., said it received FAA authorization Monday to begin flying its Aerosonde unmanned vehicle over Virginia skies," the Post writes. "Located in Blackstone, Va., the site was one of six selected by the Federal Aviation Administration last year as part of a long-range effort to safely integrate drones into national airspace."

The story notes that the drones are being tested for largely agricultural and environmental work, not the commercial deliveries for which companies like Amazon, UPS and FedEx would like to use unmanned drones.
KC's View:
I'd bet that commercial delivery drones will be tested there and elsewhere before long. After all, Amazon has already gone on the record as saying that if the US does not allow it to test drones, it'll have to do so outside the US … and I'm not sure anyone wants to see one of the great models of US capitalistic innovation looking offshore for places where it can be more innovative.