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Yesterday, MNB took note of two McDonald's-related stories.

One has to do with Kraft planning a major campaign to back the national rollout of McCafe bagged coffee, which is being introduced in partnership with McDonald's.

The other had to do with McDonald's latest attempt to be relevant - the rolling out of a customized sandwich program to some 2,000 stores around the country.

One MNB user wrote:

I wonder if the Executives at Kraft read your observation about McDonalds? I found it kind of ironic, I first read about McDonald’s responding to  declining store sales, falling stock prices and shrinking base of younger customers and then I read about Kraft creating a major partnership with a company that has declining sales and shrinking base of younger customers?

Good point. I'm not sure that McDonald's is the basket where I'd be putting any of my eggs.

I also think that retailers ought to be thinking twice about stocking coffee branded with the name of one of their major competitors. I know this is an argument that I've advanced before, and that not everyone agrees with me … but I think that this stuff is hardball, and retailers ought to be willing to say "no" sometimes. Better they should promote their own retail brand, and not that of the competition.
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