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• Golub Corporation/Price Chopper said yesterday that it has hired Leo Taylor, most recently COO at Dunkin’ Donuts National DCP, to be its new Senior Vice President of Human Resources.

Bloomberg reports that Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries has stepped down, and that the company will immediately begin a search for a replacement.

The story notes that Jeffries "came under fire after the Abercrombie and Hollister clothing lines lost their cachet with teenage shoppers. The company also suffered from a broader drop in shopping-mall traffic, contributing to 11 quarters of same-store sales declines and a 77 percent plunge in profit last year."
KC's View:
Jeffries also was criticized - justifiably - for comments he made last year about how he really only wanted slim, good looking people to come into his stores and buy his clothes, and that he was really only interested in marketing to cool people - to the point that the company does not even make large sizes. Which sort of annoyed people who are not particularly slim but might've gone into an A&F store to buy presents for people who are. In addition, the company's reliance on scantily clad models for marketing purposes seems to have lost its luster, with three straight quarterly declines. And, Jeffries was criticized for having peculiar demands of the flight crews who work on the company's private jet, down to what scent and undergarments they wear.

He seemed like the poster boy for self-centered leadership, not servant leadership. hard to imagine that A&F is not better off without him.