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Fortune has a story about FreshDirect (which also just got a story in Direct Marketing News, as noted here yesterday). According to the story, "The New York City-based company got a new competitor in October when Amazon threw down the gauntlet by launching its grocery delivery operation in Brooklyn, its first move into the East Coast market.

"FreshDirect CEO and co-founder Jason Ackerman says his company so far has not felt the impact of Amazon, in large part because the grocery delivery business is such an untapped segment."

The story goes on to say that "being culinary focused has allowed FreshDirect to keep up with and capitalize on industry trends. The company, which sources a lot of its goods from local producers, offered CSA boxes for the first time this year. It also sells meal kits, positioning the service to square off against hot startups like Blue Apron and Plated that deliver all of the raw ingredients needed to make a particular dish. The FreshDirect team also noticed that many of its customers were having two Thanksgivings, one with family and another with friends (aka Friendsgiving), so it developed a line of items geared toward that second, smaller gathering."

Ackerman tells Fortune that "when it comes to competing with Amazon, FreshDirect will need to keep its focus on food. FreshDirect is the David to Amazon’s Goliath. While Amazon knows delivery and logistics, it’s new to food."
KC's View:
Somebody give a prize to FreshDirect's PR agency. they're doing good work this week.