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The Wall Street Journal reports that Google "plans to push deeper into online commerce by enhancing its Google Shopping service with features that more directly challenge," and has approached retailers who are part of its Google Shopping service "about creating a 'buy' button … that would be similar to Amazon’s popular 'one-click ordering' feature."

The goal is to keep people on Google rather than referring people to other companies' sites, which it thinks will keep people from straying to Amazon.

"Separately," the Journal writes, "Google is considering a marketing program that would allow merchants to promote two-day shipping for products purchased through its shopping service, according to a person who has been briefed on the plan. The program would resemble ShopRunner Inc., which offers unlimited two-day shipping from retailers including Neiman Marcus Group Inc. and Toys R Us Inc. for a $79 annual fee."
KC's View:
Like with Amazon, the goal seems to be to streamline the experience and keep customers inside the ecosystem. Which strikes me as a pretty good goal for pretty much every retailer; the minute you allow customers to consider other options by being less than differentiated and targeted, you run the risk that you are going to lose them. Maybe permanently.