retail news in context, analysis with attitude has a story about the best retail jobs available, concluding that "a handful of retail chains have risen above the rest, landing on salary comparison and job search site Glassdoor's annual survey of the best places to work."

Of the retailers that made the list of top-50 places to work, H-E-B got the best ranking: "H-E-B workers rated their pay and benefits 26.5% above the average, with the company’s 401K plan and employee discount winning plaudits."

Also on the list was In-N-Out Burger, where employees cited "the company’s flexible, generous vacation and paid time off versus the rest of the fast food industry," as well as competitive pay, life insurance, and free meals."

Costco was further down the list, with workers giving "Costco’s salary and benefits particularly high ratings, with an average of 4.3 on Glassdoor’s 1 to 5 ranking system. By way of comparison, associates at competitor Walmart — which did not make the list — gave their employer a 2.8 in this category."

The story goes on: "The fourth and final retailer to make Glassdoor’s top 50 is Wegmans, a beloved upscale grocery chain based in Rochester, NY but with stores across the northeast."
KC's View:
No surprises here … except that it seems to put the lie to the argument that such businesses cannot afford to pay people in a way that is adequate to actually being able to survive.

I do have to admit that reading about free meals at In-N-Out makes me momentarily think about changing careers.