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It is a statistic that speaks volumes about how technology is affecting the consumption of content, with a lesson to which bricks-and-mortar retailers need to pay attention.

Folio reports that "There were more magazine startups in 2014 than there were last year, but nearly twice as many titles stopped publication when compared to 2013, according to research firm, MediaFinder."
KC's View:
Now, to be fair, the ratio of openings to closures means that there was a net gain of 91 new titles … but, as the story notes, "two magazines were added for every one that closed in 2014—a ratio that had been closer to 3-to-1 in each of the last two years."

Two things at play here. One is that more magazines are failing, which speaks to the declining power of print. Second, the magazines being launched are largely targeted, specialty titles … which tells you something about mass marketing.

Attention must be paid.