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The New York Times reports that Unilever, manufacturer of Hellman's mayonnaise, has decided to drop its lawsuit against Hampton Creek, manufacturer of a product called Just Mayo, which said that the item couldn't be called mayonnaise because it doesn't have eggs.

Just Mayo apparently was stealing market share from Hellman's mayonnaise, and Unilever was not amused.

According to the story, "Unilever said that it decided to withdraw the lawsuit so that Hampton Creek can address its label directly with industry groups and regulatory authorities. Hampton Creek says it marketed its product as 'mayo' to meet labeling regulations."
KC's View:
I realize there are regulatory issues at work here, but I have to admit that I found the premise kind of amusing. After all, how often does one pick up something like frozen blueberry pancakes, only to discover that there are no actual blueberries in them?

It isn't like Hampton Creek wasn't being transparent. Unilever just didn't like what it was saying.