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by Kevin Coupe

The Golden Globes, while they get a lot of attention in Hollywood, are of dubious objective value. After all, there are fewer than 100 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which bestows the awards.

Still, if only because it demonstrates a change in the business and cultural zeitgeist, it is worth noting that at last night's Golden Globe Awards ceremony, a show produced by and available only on Amazon - "Transparent" - walked away with a couple of major awards. The show won the best comedy series award (beating out, among other shows, "Orange Is The New Black," which is produced by and only available on Netflix), and the best actor in a TV comedy award went to Jeffrey Tambor.

In addition, Kevin Spacey won the best actor in a TV drama award and Robin Wright won best actress in a TV drama award for "House of Cards" - which is produced by and only available on Netflix.

In a lot of ways - in fact, in most ways - these awards are meaningless. They can recognize popularity rather than quality, and represent a narrow view of an only somewhat less narrow business.

But think about it. That business, until a few years ago, was dominated by a relatively few major companies. Products were produced by a few companies, and available through a relatively few outlets. But that's changing ... and reflects much broader changes that are affecting businesses everywhere.

It is both metaphor and an Eye-Opener.
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