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There is a terrific piece in the Financial Times about the recent decline of Tesco.

An excerpt:

"Tesco was once so dominant that campaigners warned of a 'Tescopoly'. Politicians thought aloud about how to prevent the Tesco-isation of a Britain dotted with 'Tesco Towns' wherever the UK’s leading grocer planted its flag. Bristol hosted a minor riot when they tried to open a convenience store there.

"Entering the lexicon may also have signified impending decline. Ever since Sir Terry Leahy left the company in 2011 the behemoth has floundered. Any number of reasons can be given. Perhaps Philip Clarke, Sir Terry’s successor, failed to match his brilliance. A more likely cause was the mess that was left behind. This included hubristic overexpansion, both abroad and in its home market. It coincided with a badly timed loss of focus: Tesco branched into broadband, television and banking just when it should have been worrying about cut-throat price competition from German discounters Aldi and Lidl."

Lots of lessons here ... and you can read the entire story here.
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