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Reuters reports that "some 20 state attorneys general have joined the federal antitrust investigation of competing bids by Dollar General Corp and Dollar Tree Inc to buy Family Dollar Stores Inc, a development that potentially complicates the companies' efforts to win U.S. approval for a deal.

"The attorneys general concern focuses on the likelihood that the loss of one of the chains would lead to higher prices for discount store customers, many of whom are poor ... The presence of the state attorneys general gives the FTC additional lawyers to look at the case, much-needed knowledge of how the merging companies function in the state and how the deal would affect the state's consumers."

Among the states involved are Florida, Iowa and Vermont.

Dollar General has offered $9.1 billion to acquire Family Dollar, but the bid has been rejected in favor of an $8.5 billion bid from Dollar Tree; Family Dollar says that antitrust regulators will require too many store divestitures if a deal were done with Dollar General to make the deal viable.
KC's View:
It probably is too late for this, but it is a shame that some other company hasn't swept in to try and disrupt this deal with a bid of their own that has few if any antitrust implications. Just because it'd be fun to see even more chaos in this segment.