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by Kevin Coupe

In an era when flying has become generally uncivilized, kudos to Alaska Air for teaming up with my favorite chef/restaurateur, Tom Douglas, to improve the quality of their food.


This is a great example of how a business can differentiate itself, and how it is not always necessary to aim for the lowest common denominator. And let's face it, that's generally the target used for airline food (on those rare occasions when one actually gets it, which usually involves an upgrade).

I'm particularly impressed by the fact that Alaska Air decided to get into business with Douglas; he is very much a product of the Pacific Northwest, and his Seattle restaurants are among my favorites. (Longtime MNB readers know that I often wax rhapsodic about Etta's Seafood and Serious Pie, in particular ... and Tom Douglas restaurants actually get mentioned in two chapters of my new book, Retail Rules!. End of self-serving plug...)

And, this is just another Eye-Opening reason that moving to the Pacific Northwest looks better and better (because Alaska Air doesn't have a lot of routes in the northeast..)...

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