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The Associated Press reports on the results of a new survey that it conducted, revealing that "66 percent of Americans favor requiring food manufacturers to put labels on products that contain genetically modified organisms, or foods grown from seeds engineered in labs. Only 7 percent are opposed to the idea, and 24 percent are neutral.

The story goes on:

"Fewer Americans say genetically modified ingredients are important to them when judging whether a food is healthy. About 4 in 10 said the presence of such ingredients was very or extremely important to them.

"That's higher than the share who say it's important to know whether a food is organic, and about on par with the share saying they consider the amount of protein in a food an important factor."

And, the story says, "According to the AP-GfK poll, public support for labeling GMOs was bipartisan, with 71 percent of Democrats and 64 percent of Republicans favoring labeling. Even among conservative Republicans, more than 6 in 10 favor a labeling requirement."
KC's View:
I continue to believe that GMO labeling is inevitable, and it almost doesn't matter whether you care about eating GMOs or not. It is about being transparent, it is about being open, it is about being willing to treat consumers like adults - tell them what's in products, explain why it is good or bad, and live with the results.