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The Wall Street Journal has a story about how "made in the USA" is gaining new momentum. An excerpt:

"For years, the U.S. has ceded more and more of its manufacturing to lower-cost corners of the global economy. No one expects the U.S. to again make most of the electronic gadgets, tools, toys, furniture, lighting and other household products that tally more than $500 billion a year in imports.

"But some companies contend the U.S. has renewed its attraction. Wages are stable, for example, while China’s have soared. The U.S. energy boom has reduced natural gas prices and kept a lid on electricity costs. Plus, more companies want to protect designs from overseas copycats, keep closer tabs on quality control and avoid potential disruption in supply chains that span oceans."

The story doesn't paint "made in the USA" as a panacea, but rather does a good job of presenting various angle on the issue, and you can read the entire story here.
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