retail news in context, analysis with attitude reports that Sears Holdings is "rolling out Connected Solutions shops to 200 Sears and 300 Kmart stores around the country, and is planning a major demo-home prototype display in San Bruno, Calif. The shops are under 2,000 square feet and feature live displays of over 100 wireless products, including wearables, locks, garage door openers, thermostats, motion sensors and monitors, along a 50-foot aisle."

Ryan Ciovacco, president of Sears' Connected Solutions division, says that the concept "leverages the company’s traditional strengths in such areas as installation services, home appliances, automotive and exercise equipment." And, he says, "The only way this business will move past early adopters is if we show the practicality of it."
KC's View:
I'd be impressed by this ... except that if Sears behaves in typical fashion, the next thing it will do is announce a special Google Glass department.