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by Kevin Coupe

It was interesting to me how two different commercials used the same theme - fatherhood - and came up with such different results.

The Dove Men + Care ad was terrific ... simple, direct, and with a relevant punch line that had added resonance because of the NFL's problems with domestic violence.

But I had a real problem with the Nissan commercial that showed a race car driver essentially ignoring his son because of his career ... to the music of Harry Chapin singing "Cat's in the Cradle." I couldn't help but remember that Chapin died in a car accident ... and somehow, the whole thing rang rather hollow to me.

And that ad for Nationwide that had as its punchline a little kid telling the camera all the things he never had a chance to do because he died in a household accident? Way to throw a wet blanket on a party, guys. Well-intentioned, but a total miss.

Liked the Coca-Cola ad about bullying ... and the McDonald's ad about paying with love was okay.

I really liked the Always ad about how to "throw like a woman" ... it wasn't new, but it is a terrific message, well-delivered.

I also enjoyed the Brady Bunch-themed ad for Snickers ... and one of my favorites was the Viagra-themed ad for Fiat.

And the Jeff Bridges ad for SquareSpace just made me scratch my head.
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