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by Kevin Coupe

The Daily Beast reports that in Seattle, "residents can now buy medical marijuana through the user-automated technology. The ZaZZZ marijuana vending machine debuted Tuesday morning inside Seattle Caregivers medical-marijuana dispensary. The company behind the vending machine, American Green Inc., billed it as the first age-verifying, climate-controlled self-service dispensary."

According to the story, the machine stocks a “wide range of medicinal and recreational marijuana flowers, pot-infused edibles, and merchandise" and "uses an ID-scanner to verify a buyer’s identity and age before dispensing the pot." The company plans to expand usage of the machine to elsewhere in Washington State, as well as locations in Colorado, California, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Alaska.

One can only assume that these folks will take advantage of natural synergies and put candy machines next to the marijuana machines...

It's an Eye-Opener about how, in so many ways, the world is changing...
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