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The New York Times has a terrific piece this morning about a visit by Geoffrey Zakarian - described as "an 'Iron Chef' winner, a star of the Food Network, the chef and owner of the Lambs Club and culinary director of The Plaza hotel - to a NYC McDonald's.

As it happens, it is his first trip to a McDonald's. Ever.

Part of his evaluation: "Of course, the food could be better,” he said. “All fast food could be better. McDonald's has been incredibly successful, and you have to respect that. It only has to be incrementally better ... Price and value are important, and people don’t want to wait. But they need to tell a better story, talk more about quality, the source of the ingredients, address the health concerns. I can assure you that if they had a great story and a better company culture, this same burger would taste a lot better.”

But he loves the fries and coffee.

It is a really good piece, taking a look not just at McDonald's approach to food, but also its approach to store design ... and you can read the entire story" target="_blank"> here.
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