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Published reports are saying that Amazon has expanded its Prime Now service - offering same-day shipping, often within one hour of ordering - from Brooklyn, New York, to Manhattan.

HNGN reports that " The shipping deal only applies to these certain products, such as books, towels, shampoo and batteries. Customers will be able to order products via, as well as through a specialized app.

"Amazon has plans to expand Amazon Prime Now  to other large cities in the near future, but they'll probably finish expanding it to all of NYC. Amazon did not mention which neighborhood they'll be expanding to next."
KC's View:
I absolutely believe that this is all going to roll out faster than anyone expects, as Amazon can see the writing on the wall as Walmart continues to test its click-and-collect service in a growing number of markets. It is all about speed-to-market and capturing market share as quickly as possible, before anyone else makes an incursion.