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In Minnesota, the Star Tribune has a story about what Target is doing to try to rebound from its Canada debacle...

"Project managers at the Minneapolis-based retailer are constantly experimenting with store displays, merchandising and the gadgetry of shopping," the story says. "They often test ideas around the Twin Cities, with its Quarry store in northeast Minneapolis a particular favorite.

"After seeing positive results, Target has already been adding mannequins to make clothes pop out, taking iPads and smartphones out from behind the glass so customers can play with them, and installing more attractive backlit shelves in the beauty section. Now they are testing a new layout of the home department that looks more like a furniture store and re-imagining the first thing a customer sees when walking in the front entrance, an area now filled with bins of $1 items.

"If an idea works, Target rolls it out to other stores. If it bombs, it quietly goes away."

For a breakdown of Target's recent experiments, click here.
KC's View:
Seems to me that in order to get its mojo back, Target has to encourage an internal culture that is risk-embracing, that thrives on speed and innovation, and that it not afraid to fail in the pursuit of a better idea. No room for timidity ... there is so much competition and so much disruption in the retail space at this moment that Target has to avoid paralysis at any cost.