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WhiskeyReviewer reports that bourbon manufacturer Jim Beam is being sued, with the plaintiffs saying that the company is being deceptive when it claims its bourbon is "handcrafted" because "the whiskey is made through largely automated procedures."

According to the story, "A similar lawsuit was filed against Maker’s Mark last year, also alleging that the 'handcrafted' claim, among others, made by the company on its label was false because of automation in the production process. Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark are both owned by Beam Suntory, and both the Beam and Maker’s Mark lawsuits were filed in California by Kazerouni and Hyde & Swigert.

"Beyond the two California lawsuits aimed at brands within the same parent company and pursued by the same lawyers, similar lawsuits have been filed against Templeton Rye, a controversial whiskey bottler often at the center of deceptive whiskey complaints, and whiskey bottler Angel’s Envy."
KC's View:
First of all, I'm a little chagrined that Angel's Envy, my favorite bourbon, is being sued for deceptive practices.

But second of all ... this is just part of broader landscape in which lack of authenticity can damage a brand. Just ask Brian Williams.