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CNBC reports that Walmart plans to adjust its human resources policies so that full-time employees can "use their sick days as soon as they get ill ... As of now, U.S. workers do not receive paid sick time until the second day they're out sick. Employees must use their personal days in order to be compensated on the first day out ill."

The announcement was made as Walmart also makes plans to give some 500,000 employees a raise to at least $9 per hour.
KC's View:
I did not know about this sick day policy, and I must admit that it seems to me as a completely regressive and distrustful policy. People get sick days for when they are sick, and personal days for when they need to take time off for reasons that have nothing to do with sickness. The idea that they'd have to take a personal day before taking a sick day is absolutely stupid ... it is like the employer is saying that the assumption is that the employee is lying about being sick.

I'm glad that Walmart is changing this policy, but it speaks volumes about the company that it had this policy to begin with.