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In Minnesota, the Star Tribune reports that Target has selected 31 brands "to be part of the second year of its Made to Matter program, which showcases new sustainable, organic and natural products. To be part of the collection, companies have to agree to sell the new product exclusively to Target for six months. After a successful introductory year, Target is doubling the program this year to more than 200 products ... The program is one of the ways the Minneapolis-based retailer is trying to bolster its reputation as a go-to place to find healthier and less toxic options, especially as consumers are increasingly seeking such products out. And, of course, executives hope it will help set Target apart from its competitors."

The story notes that "the Made to Matter program began last spring before Target CEO Brian Cornell came on board over the summer. But he has taken an interest in it, especially since it aligns with his strategy to help revive the retailer’s sales by elevating its signature categories such as health and wellness."
KC's View:
It is impressive the degree to which Target is making fast moves these days ... Brian Cornell seems to realize that he has to move fast, throw lots of ideas against the wall to see what sticks, and risk failure in the interest of finding some big wins. Which is really the definition of doing business these days.