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• The Pacific Business News reports that Kroger "may be eyeing Hawaii for its first location in the Islands." The story says that Kroger has "registered as a new business in Hawaii in early February, according to public records." The company made a similar move in 2006, but withdrew the registration.

Experts say that it is tough for companies to come to Hawaii since they are unaccustomed to high land prices and rents.

Kroger has not commented on the reports.

Reuters reports that Whole Foods has rescheduled its annual meeting for September 15, pushing it back from the original date, March 10.

The story notes that "the meeting had drawn attention after Whole Foods won permission from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to leave off its proxy statement a proposed shareholder resolution meant to make it easier for investors to run their own director candidates ... The SEC backed off its decision in January, however, amid criticism from shareholder activists who said the grocer had preempted the resolution with a weaker version of its own."

Re/Code reports that Ron Johnson - the marketing wiz behind the Apple Stores who had a short, tumultuous and unsuccessful tenure at JC Penney, is leading a $16 million investment in Nasty Gal, an online retail site specializing in funky clothing for young women. Nasty Gal recently opened its first bricks-and-mortar store, and Johnson, who will join the board of directors, is seen as a potentially powerful asset as the company grows.
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