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...with brief, occasional, italicized and sometimes gratuitous commentary… reports that Home Depot "is testing the use of Samsung customer kiosks within its appliance departments. The 85-inch interactive kiosks are non-transactional, providing product information only."

The story says that the test - currently in three Home Depot locations - is similar to one being run by the retailer's major DIY rival, Lowe's.

I love it when technology serves this kind of function ... creating a sense that the retailer is a resource for information, not just a source of product. These days, I think that's what smart retailers have to do ... make their customers smarter.

MarketWatch reports that Fresh Market plans to "close its remaining stores in California as part of a broader plan to focus on its operations in the eastern half of the US ... The company said that despite improving results at the California stores - which include locations in Palo Alto, Santa Barbara and Laguna Hills - the company concluded the pace of organic store growth was going to be slower than anticipated and that focusing on markets closer to its other operations had more potential."
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